CNG Polska is part of The CNG Family of Companies which dates back to London, England in 1971. Today, the CNG Family of Companies is involved in the Real Estate Investment & Development, Retail and Business Services sectors. To read more about the CNG Family of Companies, please visit the website: www.thecngfamily.com.
The CNG Family of Companies has selected Poland as a suitable place for real estate investment for several reasons. From an economic viewpoint, Poland has been one of the fastest growing economies in Europe for the past 7 years despite the current slowdown across Europe. The workforce is educated and disciplined. The standard of living is comparatively low when compared with Western Europe, which provides many opportunities to catch-up in due course. Poland has an excellent location between Germany and The Ukraine. And from a real estate point of view, there is a lack of supply coupled with growing demand.
Traditionally, Polish people have not had access to residential mortgage finance which in turn has meant that extended families often live together for a long time. The arrival of residential mortgages in the past 10 years has changed all of this. Younger couples who would have had to stay at home until they had enough money to buy their first apartment, have been able to secure mortgages and buy their first homes. This has happened across the country and this latent demand has fuelled a housing boom. Coupled with this, foreign investors have also been investing in Polish real estate as the prices are often low compared with Western Europe.
CNG Polska is making investments in the second city of Poland, Lodz. Lodz used to be the industrial capital of Poland but over the past decade, it has reinvented itself as a service and distribution hub of Poland. The main highways pass through Lodz conveniently linking it to Germany and the Ukraine. Lodz has a large university, is the Polish film capital and many international firms have set up operations there including Dell, Philips and P&G. Lodz has also been passed over in the first wave of foreign investment which has gone to the capital, Warsaw, or the popular tourist City, Krakow.
We are involved with mixed-use developments in the city combining retail with residential and commercial uses.
Location is always critical, and we selectively secure properties in good locations where we are able to add value. We normally invest in older pre-war stock which is fundamentally sound but which has not been maintained, often for decades. We do not mind if properties have regulated tenants as we work with them and local municipalities to secure more suitable and modern accommodation. We secure planning permissions to extend and renovate the building and then either sell our investments onto other developers or build them out ourselves. Our aim, as always, is to secure the highest returns for principals and our investors.
As with all investments undertaken by the CNG Family of Companies, CNG Polska aims to provide our investors with an IRR of at least 15% on their investment. Please contact us if you would like further information about our projects or to invest with us.
Please see the images below to see the scope of our works.
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